• Factory Panorama

    · Thefactory is a member of Sedex.

    · Thetotal production area occupied by this facility was 1500 square meters.

    · BuildingNo. 1: Floor 1: Accessories warehouse; Floor 2: Assembly workshop; Floor 3:Office, sample making room, inspection room, products show room and meetingroom.

    · BuildingNo. 2: Floor 1: Accessories warehouse; Floor 2: Finished goods warehouse; Floor3: Material warehouse.


  • R & D department

    The R & D department is a team of 6 professionalengineers. They can make CAD immediately, analyze the reasonable instruction…they build concepts to reality.


  • Office

    There are 92employees working in the facility. 12 of 92 employees are working in office.Office area have sales department, purchase department, finance department, logisticsdepartment.

  • Meeting Room Show Room

    3 products showrooms.


  • Production Line

    Mainproducts: Interior lamps

    Mainproduction processes: Raw material – Assembly – Packing

    Mainequipments: Assembly lines: 4


    1. Thefactory posted the ETI code in thebulletin board, and all employees could read it easily.

    2. Thefactory had established EHS proceduresand the documentary files were available for review.

    3. Onesenior manager, Mr. Xin Yubin/QC manager was appointed to be responsible forthe complying with the code.

    4. The factory hadestablished social policies, procedures and work instructions to compliancewith this code.

    5. The factoryconducted the supplies assessment on quality and checked the code requirementsof ETI were met or not.


  • Warehouse

    There areaccessories warehouse, material warehouse and finished goods warehouse. 

  • Products Inspection Room

    Productsinspection Room with a stocking rack for customers’ signed/approved sample.